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Become a Dealer

As a Skid Heaven dealer you will have the opportunity to join forces with a trusted brand that prioritizes durability and reliability. You will also gain access to a comprehensive support network dedicated to your own business’ success! From competitive pricing and flexible ordering options to marketing materials and technical assistance we are committed to empowering our dealers to thrive in the construction equipment market. Please use the contact form on this page when you’re ready, or give us a call!

Become a Rubber Track Dealer

Unlock the potential for unparalleled success by becoming a rubber track dealer with Skid Heaven. Our OEM quality rubber tracks are available for just about every make and model and our reputation for quality precedes us, making Skid Heaven your ideal partner to work with in the rubber track market. Whether you’re looking to buy full containers of tracks or just a few sets at a time we’d love to help!

Arisun Rubber Tracks

Looking for Arisun Tracks? We have you covered! With continuous steel cables, proprietary synthetic-to-natural rubber blend and 100% in house manufacturing you can rest assured Arisun tracks will keep your customers working – and satisfied! We have tracks for just about every make and model in multiple tread patterns best suited for your customers’ application.

Buy Wholesale Rubber Tracks

Ready to start buying tracks by the container load? We have you covered! Estimated lead time is 60 days and we can help you with the entire process – including training!

Buy Discount Rubber Tracks

Not ready to buy a full container? No problem! We have discounted prices so that you can start your track sales and remain profitable with low order sizes. Contact us today if you’re looking to buy at least 5 sets of tracks or more! We also can provide drop shipping services if you do not desire to carry your own inventory at this time.

Become a Skid Steer Tire Dealer

We don’t just carry tracks, but tires as well! Westlake tires and Westlake solid tires are an industry leader in the market and we have them ready to ship. Tires available for all make and model skid steer loaders in multiple tread patterns. We also have wholesale skid steer tire pricing if you’re not quite ready to buy-by-the-container.

Become an Undercarriage Parts Dealer

We don’t just have tracks, but sprockets, idlers, rollers and everything else undercarriage, too! Always OEM quality, always the best. Period.