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Warranty and Refund Policy

Refund Policy

It is purchaser’s responsibility to confirm track size and pattern at time of order. Refunds will not be issued in case of incorrect ordering.

If an ordering mistake has been made, we may be able to refund the order with a 10% restocking fee assessed at the time of refund, in addition to actual return freight costs. However, Skid Heaven LLC reserves the right to treat refunds on a case by case basis and availability in the case of product misordering.

Warranty Policy

All warranties are carried by the Original Manufacturer and any warranty claims must be relayed directly to the manufacturer. Skid Heaven LLC will help provide documentation to provide proof of sale.

RTS Tracks and Tracks Manufactured by ZC Rubber

RTS Tracks are warrantied on a case by case basis by the manufacturer for 1 year. RTS will assess the failure of the track and a remedy to the failure if necessary on their own terms. Skid Heaven LLC does NOT warranty RTS products directly. A full warranty listing can be found here:

McLaren Tracks and Solid Tires

McLaren offers a 1 year / 1000 hour pro-rated warranty directly from the manufacturer. McLaren will independently assess the failure of the product and determine the best course of action. Skid Heaven LLC does NOT warranty McLaren products directly.