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Shearex Mulcher Teeth

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  • shearex gruseck msflo1-c carbide

    Shearex Mulcher Carbide – Gruseck MSFLO1-C Carbide


    Gruseck MSFLO1-C Carbide Replacement Mulcher Carbide for Shearex Forestry Mulcher. Box of 12 with FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 US States


  • shearex gruseck msflo1 carbide

    Shearex Mulcher Knife – Gruseck MSFLO1 Knife


    Gruseck MSFLO1 Knife Replacement Mulcher Knife for Shearex Forestry Mulcher. Box of 16 with FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 US States



If you’re in the market for high-quality Shearex mulcher teeth and tooling, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Skid Heaven, we specialize in providing aftermarket teeth for Shearex Mulchers, including Shearex Mulcher Teeth, Shearex Mulcher Knives, and Shearex Mulcher Carbides. Read on to learn more about these products and how they can improve your mulching operations. All made in Germany by industry leader Gruseck.

Shearex Forestry Mulchers are renowned for their durability and efficiency in tackling heavy-duty vegetation clearing tasks. However, over time, the performance of their original mulcher teeth may deteriorate due to wear and tear. This is where our aftermarket teeth for mulchers come into play – they offer a cost-effective solution for replacing worn-out or damaged teeth.

Shearex Mulcher Teeth

Our range of Shearex Mulcher Teeth is designed to fit perfectly with various models of Shearex Forestry Mulchers. With their sturdy construction and carbide-tipped cutters, these mulcher teeth deliver exceptional performance in clearing thick brush, small trees, and other forms of vegetation. The carbide tips ensure long-lasting sharpness and durability even under the most demanding conditions.

Whether you’re clearing land for landscaping projects or maintaining roadways, our Shearex Mulcher Teeth provide efficient cutting action that reduces debris size while promoting decomposition. They are meticulously engineered to withstand the high-speed impacts associated with forestry mulching applications.

Shearex Mulcher Knives

We offer an extensive selection of high-quality aftermarket mulcher knives specifically designed for use with forestry mulchers. These knives are manufactured using premium-grade materials that ensure exceptional strength and longevity.

The unique design of our Shearex Mulcher Knives enhances cutting efficiency while minimizing vibration. They are engineered with precision to cut through challenging vegetation, such as brush, small trees, and shrubs. The sharp blades ensure clean, precise cuts, resulting in a professional finish.

The Gruseck Mulcher Knife excels at reducing thick vegetation into mulch quickly and efficiently. Its aggressive cutting action ensures maximum productivity and minimizes downtime associated with blade changes.

Shearex Mulcher Carbides

Shearex Mulcher Carbides are another essential component of our product lineup. These carbide inserts provide exceptional wear resistance and cutting performance in even the most challenging conditions.

Our Gruseck Carbides exhibit superior hardness and toughness, allowing them to withstand impact forces while maintaining sharpness for longer periods of time. They are ideal for use in high-wear areas of mulching machinery, ensuring extended operational longevity.

Aftermarket Teeth for Shearex Mulchers

If you own a Shearex Forestry Mulcher but need new teeth or tooling, you don’t have to rely solely on the original manufacturer for replacements. Our aftermarket teeth for Shearex attachments offer a cost-effective alternative without compromising quality or performance.

Our aftermarket teeth are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards, guaranteeing seamless integration with your existing mulching equipment. With our extensive range of options, we can help you find the perfect fit for your specific model of Shearex Mulcher.