Case TV450 Tracks

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Case TV450 Tracks

The Case TV450 is one of the most powerful skid steers in the compact track loader category with an operating capacity of 4,500 lbs. Case machines tend to be more skewed towards landscapers, but this machine can handle forestry, paving, and everything in between.

When you combine the versatility and plethora of attachments with the enhanced speed and maneuverability of a compact track loader, you’d be hard pressed to find a machine that can do more than the Case TV450.

Of course, a skid steer is only as effective as its worst components, and for too many people that component is their tracks. Stop buying worn or discounted tracks that you need to replace after a year. Buy McLaren tracks that will match the performance that the Case TV450 is capable of.

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Maximizer CTL, NextGen Block Pattern, NextGen C-Pattern, NextGen TDF, NextGen TDF SUPER, NextGen Turf Pattern, NextGen ZigZag Pattern, Terrapin


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