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Mustang 1650RT Tracks



Price is PER Track! Free Shipping to Commercial Addresses on 2 or More Tracks in Lower 48 States!

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Mustang 1650RT Track Quality

Mustang 1650RT Tracks

  • Premium, OEM Quality Mustang 1650RT Rubber Track Available in Solid Block, C Block and Zig Zag Patterns
  • Guaranteed to Fit All Mustang 1650RT Machines
  • Available in OEM Track Width
  • 1 Year / 1000 Hour Warranty
  • Continuously Steel Wound for Maximum Durability & Lifespan
  • All Components Made Under One Roof

Mustang 1650RT Rubber Track Patterns

Skid Heaven is happy to offer 3 tread patterns for all skid steer machines. The Mustang 1650RT is a hard working machine but we believe the skid tracks must be selected for the work the machine is doing! Our Zig Zag pattern offer the most all around traction; best in mud, snow & ice and dirt. The C Block pattern is our middle of the road option; not as much traction as the ZZ & MB but lasts longer in rocky and hard surface conditions. The Staggered Block pattern has the advantage of tending to last the longest but has the least amount of traction in all conditions.

Mustang 1650RT Track Size & Weight :

Track Size Track Weight
400x86x49 431 Pounds

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The Mustang 1650RT compact track loader can lift an impressive amount of weight. Arisun tracks will restore the youth to your Mustang 1650RT and get it running the way it used to. We have 3 different track styles for the Mustang 1650RT, so you’re sure to find one that best fits your specific needs and uses for the machine. Send us your details for a free quote today!