Caterpillar 287 Tracks

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Caterpillar 287 Tracks

Owners of the Caterpillar 287 know just how versatile the machine can be. It’s as efficient working on a farm as it is in the backyard, landscaping without tearing up the existing property.

Much of this versatility boils down to its tracks, however. Sure, you’ll be able to get a couple hundred hours out of some cheap tracks, but you’ll be spending thousands on replacing them when they wear or break.

McLaren tires will last and perform better throughout their lifespan.

Choose from our Original, Direction, or Razorback McLaren track styles to ensure your Caterpillar 287 is equipped with the best tracks for the terrain you encounter the most, whether that’s loose ground, hard ground, or mud.

Don’t trust the performance of your Caterpillar 287 with some discounted tracks. Choose McLaren and get long-lasting, optimal performance. Give us your details for a free quote on your McLaren tracks today!

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MTL Track Style

Directional, Original, Razorback


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