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Caterpillar 239 Tracks


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Caterpillar 239 Track

The Caterpillar 239 is one of the more impressive compact track loaders out there, especially when you consider the price. The mid-lift is enough to handle a lot of applications, and the digging performance and power can tackle even the toughest soil.

One of the biggest selling points of the Caterpillar 239 is its traction. Owners of the machine know just how maneuverable it can be when it’s equipped with the right tools. Of course, by that, we mean outfitting it with proper replacement tracks.

Don’t trust some discounted tracks on your Caterpillar 239. These will wear down over time and make the best feature of the Caterpillar 239 disappointing. Instead, choose McLaren tracks and see the difference they make in the overall performance of your compact track loader.

Input your specifications and information to get a free quote on your Caterpillar 239 McLaren tires today!

Caterpillar 239 Track Size(s) & Weight(s):

Track Size



320x86x52 356 Pounds
450x86x52 431 Pounds

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Weight N/A
Track Style

RTS C Block Track Pattern, RTS C Block Track Pattern (Wide), RTS Staggered Block Track Pattern, RTS Staggered Block Track Pattern (Wide), RTS Zig Zag Track Pattern, RTS Zig Zag Track Pattern (Wide)