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Terex PT70 Tracks

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    Terex PT70 Tracks

    The Terex PT70 is a compact, versatile, and maneuverable track loader that floats over rough surfaces that other machines in the class can’t handle. Although Terex is widely known for their forestry machines, the Terex PT70 can tackle landscaping jobs that require a sensitive touch as to not disturb the existing property.

    The efficiency of your Terex PT70 tracks will depend on the type of tracks you add to it, though. A lot of these machines are used at this point, which means it’s likely high time for replacement tracks. Whether you’re mulching in the woods or using the Terex PT70 for landscaping, the wrong kind of tracks can set you back.

    When it comes to providing the best tracks for the job, RTS has you covered. Take a look at our line of top-notch McLaren tracks for the Terex PT70, and send us your information to receive a free quote today!

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    MTL Track Style



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