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Why the Skid Steer is Still a Popular Option

skid steer loader

Skid steers are one of the most common machines you’ll find at any construction or landscaping site. At first glance, they might seem a bit redundant when you compare them to larger machines, but they still serve an essential purpose. There are a few reasons that skid steers continue to grow in popularity. Let’s take a look.

Skid Steers are Affordable

Lower upfront and ongoing costs are one of the primary reasons that skid steers remain one of the most popular machines for small and growing businesses. Skid steers are cheaper than similar machines, and they offer a ton of versatility for the price. You can do a lot with a skid steer, which makes it attractive to someone who is growing a business and doesn’t have the budget to purchase several different machines.

Bobcat Tracks Versatility Adds Value

Skid steers are some of the most versatile machines you’ll find. This works in tandem with their affordability, making them the perfect purchase for someone who is starting a landscaping, construction or foresting business. You can use skid steers on pavement and dirt, and those with Bobcat tracks are even better for off-road applications. These are often a bit more expensive to maintain, but they offer even more in terms of versatility.

There is also a wide range of attachments available for skid steers, which means you can use them in nearly every situation. They work well with other machines as well, so you can continue to utilize the versatility of your skid steer when it comes time to upgrade to larger, more expensive machinery. The speed is another huge selling point for skid steers like Bobcats. They’re quicker, nimbler, and more maneuverable than larger machines. They can navigate tight areas more efficiently and are still able to lift a considerable amount of weight relatively high into the air.

Improvement and Evolution of the Skid Steer

Skid steers have come a long way in recent years, adding to their versatility and value. Recent improvements have added to the durability, vertical lift, capacity, and maneuverability of skid steers. When one company improves, the industry responds and elevates the skid steer baseline performance. Brands like Case and ASV are making their skid steers more capable and versatile with every release. You can now find small, compact skid steers that are easy to transport but don’t sacrifice power and ROC in the process.

New technologies entering the skid steer market continue to fuel their popularity. New models have cabs will reduce sound and rattle, along with improved electronic capabilities that add to the safety of the machines. Additions like ride control features, backup cameras, and hydraulic pumps are improving the functionality and safety of skid steers, which is making them more and more attractive – especially to those on a budget.

Even some of the larger companies out there invest in a fleet of high-quality skid steers. They can do a lot, which is why they remain a top purchase for anyone working with construction or landscaping machinery.