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JCB 325T Tracks

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JCB 325T Tracks

The JCB 325T is the largest compact track loader in the JCB lineup. Its enhanced size makes it the perfect middle ground for contractors and business owners who need their skid steer to lift a bit more. The size of the machine allows it to hold an operating capacity of well over 4,000 pounds without sacrificing the maneuverability that the compact track loader class is known for.

With some of the larger machines, mobility can really suffer if you don’t have the right kind of tracks. The added weight raises the chances of the machine getting stuck on a tough incline – especially when the tracks you have can’t handle the ground conditions.

McLaren tracks offer the perfect complement to the versatility of the JCB 325T. They can tackle steep hills and rough conditions and make your JCB 325T handle as a smaller machine would.

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JCB 325T Track Size(s) & Weight(s) :

Track Size Track Weight
450x86x56 549 Pounds

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Weight N/A
Track Style

RTS C Block Track Pattern, RTS C Block Track Pattern (Wide), RTS Staggered Block Track Pattern, RTS Staggered Block Track Pattern (Wide), RTS Zig Zag Track Pattern, RTS Zig Zag Track Pattern (Wide)


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