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Caterpillar 289C Tracks


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Caterpillar 289C Tracks

The Caterpillar 289C compact track loader provides fast loading, enhanced maneuverability, fantastic power, and the trademark CAT cab that’s far more comfortable than many of the competing track loaders on the market.

Why would you drag down the performance of your Caterpillar 289C by equipping it with tracks that are any less than the best in the industry? That’s what we have for you here: the very best tracks you’re going to find. RTS tracks have a long history and excellent reputation and make some of the best replacement tracks for any compact track loader – including the Caterpillar 289C.

Choose from one of our eight different Caterpillar 289C tracks and give us your contact details to receive a free quote. See the difference a set of RTS tracks can make on the performance, speed, and maneuverability of your Caterpillar 289C.

Caterpillar 289C Track Size(s) & Weight(s) :

Track Size Track Weight
450x86x60 588 Pounds

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Weight 588 lbs
Track Style

RTS C Block Track Pattern, RTS C Block Track Pattern (Wide), RTS Staggered Block Track Pattern, RTS Staggered Block Track Pattern (Wide), RTS Zig Zag Track Pattern, RTS Zig Zag Track Pattern (Wide)